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Our Classes

Gym Equipments
Crossfit Rowing Machines
Heavy Weightlifter

Multi-level CrossFit

All of our group classes are inclusive. All ages and abilities start and finish workouts together in a fun, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We have multiple class times available to work with your schedule.

Open Gym

Open gym is exactly that. It is a chance to get a WOD done outside of class times, practice a specific skill, do your own workout with our equipment.

With Key Fob entry, our facility is accessible 24/7 outside of scheduled CrossFit Classes!

Each additional family member receives a 10% off any membership




Before joining group classes, all new members must complete a foundations cycle. Three 1-hour classes, either private or up to 4 people, will give new members the knowledge required to join group classes with confidence. 

3 x 1-hour Foundations $50

*Please contact us to schedule a time that will accommodate your schedule!

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